Extracurricular Activities

We believe in enriching children’s learning and development by extending on our curriculum with specialist extracurricular activities. We have carefully selected activities that will add value to your child’s educational journey, and enhance their time with us at our childcare centre.

Yoga practice

Yoga has so many benefits for children. On a physical level, yoga develops strength, coordination, and balance. Mental benefits include improved concentration, mental awareness, and a sense of calmness. Our children love our weekly yoga lessons, taught by our professional children’s yoga instructor.

Mandarin Chinese lessons

Learning a second language from a young age develops children’s cognitive and analytical skills. It also enhances cultural awareness and is proven to increase academic performance. We offer Mandarin Chinese lessons to all of the children at our centre, taught by our professional Mandarin instructor weekly.

Culinary classes

Cooking is a fantastic way to encourage children to use problem solving and creative skills. Our centre Chef is a professional in his field, and his interactive culinary cooking classes are full of fun and give our children a real sense of accomplishment.

Sports program

Our children enjoy sports lessons from our specialist provider, Forever Fit Kids. These lessons are carefully designed to develop children’s gross motor skills, support hand-eye coordination, and teach teamwork skills. Children enjoy exciting sporting games and activities such as soccer, AFL, basketball, and gross motor fitness.

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