Our Nursery Room has a real sense of warmth and security that will give you peace of mind that your child will be safe and happy while they are in our care. Forming trusting relationships is important for children in these early years, and our Educators encourage this through routine, one-on-one interactions, and showing affection, understanding, and respect to each child.

Routine plays a very important part in our Nursery Room, as keeping to a child’s normal routine will help them feel a sense of security and trust. Our Nursery Educators work around the children’s individual routines, scheduling learning experiences and play around their rest and meals times.

Your child’s day will involve activities appropriate for their learning needs and development. These activities include sensory play, singing and music, outdoor exploration, arts and crafts, reading, and one-on-one interactions with our passionate and qualified Educators.

Our Nursery children also enjoy participating in excursions to the Botanic Gardens and taking part in yoga and Mandarin lessons.