The importance of good nutrition

Excellent nutrition is vital to a child’s mental and physical well-being and development, and growing bodies need fuel for learning and play.

Our centre meals

We provide all of our children with a morning snack, lunch, afternoon tea, a little late snack, dinner and beverages too.

Our professional centre Chef carefully plans our centre menus to ensure they are developmentally appropriate and provide our children with at least half of their daily nutritional requirements.

Meals are prepared in our onsite kitchen daily from fresh and local ingredients. We offer children a varied menu that is full of healthy and fresh options we know they will enjoy.

What if my child has allergies or cannot eat certain food?

We work with all of our families to ensure that we are aware of any allergies, intolerances, or cultural needs your child may have when it comes to food. We are happy to cater for any additional needs or requirements that your child may have.

Nutrition and education

We believe educating young children about the importance of excellent nutrition, sets them on the right path to continue to make healthy choices around food as they grow older.

Our curriculum places emphasis on teaching children how to make healthy food choices and the importance of nourishing their bodies.

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