Excursions and Incursions

Extending on our curriculum with carefully selected excursions and incursions, benefits our children’s learning and development. Children at Chifley Early Learning Centre participate in activities that allow them to learn new skills and gain a greater understanding and awareness of the world around them.

Our Excursions

From visits to the magnificent State Library, to nature exploration in the Royal Botanic Gardens, our fun and engaging excursions have been designed to take your child’s learning outside of the classroom and into the wonderful world around us.

Our childcare centre’s position right in the heart of the Sydney CBD, means we are within easy walking distance to attractions like the Sydney Opera House and the State Library. The Royal Botanic Gardens are located right next door to us, and provide a beautiful natural environment for your child to enjoy as they learn and play.

Our Incursions

Our children enjoy a number of carefully selected educational incursions throughout the year. These incursions complement our curriculum and extend on our children’s classroom learning and interests.

Visits from the dentist teach our children important dental hygiene practices and promote a sense of health and wellbeing. Young children often have a strong interest in firefighters and fire engines, and we incorporate visits from the fire brigade into our incursion program, allowing children to learn important fire safety lessons and also feel a connection with their local community. Culture and diversity is an important part of our philosophy and curriculum, and we actively promote this with incursions that focus on cultural education. We value parent contribution into all of our educational programs, and therefore we actively encourage parent involvement in our incursion program.

Chifley ELC Excursion

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