Our Philosophy

Inspiring children

At Chifley Early Learning Centre, we believe that children learn through play. Our daily program aligns strongly with Loris Malaguzzi’s Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Our centre is structured to allow the environment to become the third educator, which in turn offers children open-ended experiences to explore avenues such as imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The materials and resources found in our classrooms are derived from the natural world. Through provocation children are exposed to many different avenues of learning, and we aim to set out positive experiences which provoke thought through interest-based experiences.

Our program is inspired by Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, and is strongly linked to the Early Year’s Learning Framework to ensure every child’s learning needs are met. The program is reflected on weekly to ensure that the best possible learning outcomes are being adhered to. The child’s voice and parent voices are the main component that influences our critical reflections and promotes ongoing learning. Our curriculum is designed to support and encourage involved learners whilst developing dispositions to enable children to take a hands-on approach to learning. Modern technology is integrated into our program. The use of our interactive whiteboard and iPads support children with their learning and school readiness.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

We place a strong focus on sustainability. Our sustainable play areas encourage children to explore their natural world in a fun and educational way. Sustainable practises are embedded into our everyday routines and are reflected upon within our educational programs. Through our various excursions to the Botanic Gardens, children become active members in their local community whilst caring for their natural world. We have further extended our link to the community by creating a relationship with our local library, Fire Fighter service, and St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School.

We increase awareness of environmental responsibility through our compost and recycling bins located in every room. We also reuse items such as water to water our plants. This helps us link to our local council’s environmental values by creating a more sustainable Sydney. Our Educators actively promote environmental awareness as a platform for environmental education.

Diversity and belonging

As stated in the United Nations Rights of a Child, we view and respect that every child is a unique human being, with diverse cultures, who have their own set of interests and needs. We embrace the culture and heritage of all of our families and staff members, and we aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment that promotes a real sense of belonging and community.

We have an open-door policy, which aims to facilitate open communication while maintain confidentiality and respect for each family. We believe that being culturally competent is about building respectful relationships with children, families, and the community to support, promote, and embrace cultural difference. We embrace a positive attitude towards cultural differences, and listen, observe, and reflect through different avenues such as weekly language lessons and annual Aboriginal Elder visits to the Botanical Gardens. This supports children with their cultural competence and learning. We embed intentional teaching practices along with family and community relationships to scaffold and support each child’s learning journey. Partnerships with families are developed through daily discussions and weekly EDUCA updates.

Code of Ethics

At Chifley Early Learning Centre, we adhere to the Code of Ethics by working collectively, in the best interest of all children, to ensure every child is thriving and learning. We ensure the highest level of protection for all children in our care, and maintain an environment that keeps children safe from harm at all times.

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