The day is more structured in the Preschool Room, as this gives the children the opportunity to experience consistency in their daily routine. Focus is given to teaching fundamental skills needed for a successful transition to the Kindergarten Classroom. These skills include literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills.

Our Preschool Program is taught by a Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher who holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood. Our aim is to ensure that by the time each child completes their Preschool year, they are well prepared with the skills and learning needed for a successful transition into a formalised school setting.

Children are also encouraged to express their individuality through their natural learning style, and enjoy extending on their interests as they learn through play. Group work promotes a sense of belonging, encouraging children to develop teamwork skills and engage with their peers.

Daily excursions and extracurricular activities enhance classroom learning. Our weekly scheduled activities allow the children to venture out in the community, as they visit the State Library and explore the Botanic Gardens. Children also enjoy keeping fit with Forever Fit Kids, learning balance and mindfulness through yoga lessons, and taking part in our Mandarin and cooking lessons.

Our Transition to School Program

Our comprehensive Transition to School Program is delivered by our Preschool Teacher. Our Preschool Teacher will coordinate several visits to local schools as part of our Transition to School Program.

A formal discussion towards the end of the Preschool year is scheduled to share information with parents and teachers and support each child’s transition to school. This discussion provides an opportunity for parents and Educators to collaboratively create a summary of each child’s learning in the form of a transition statement.