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Our Centre Progams

We believe that children learn through play. Our daily program aligns strongly with Loris Malaguzzi’s Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Our centre is structured to allow the environment to become the third educator, which in turn offers children open-ended experiences to explore avenues such as imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Our centre programs are inspired by Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, and are strongly linked to the Early Year’s Learning Framework to ensure every child’s learning needs are met. The programs are reflected on weekly, to ensure that the best possible learning outcomes are being adhered to.

All of our children enjoy participating in quality excursions and extracurricular activities, designed to enhance their classroom learning and allow them to develop new interests and skills.

Our Nursery Room has a real sense of warmth and security that will give you peace of mind that your child will be safe and happy while they are in our care. Forming trusting relationships is important for children in these early years, and our Educators encourage this through routine, one-on-one interactions, and showing affection, understanding, and respect to each child.

Routine plays a very important part in our Nursery Room, as keeping to a child’s normal routine will help them feel a sense of security and trust. Our Nursery Educators work around the children’s individual routines, scheduling learning experiences and play around their rest and meals times.

Your child’s day will involve activities appropriate for their learning needs and development. These activities include sensory play, singing and music, outdoor exploration, arts and crafts, reading, and one-on-one interactions with our passionate and qualified Educators.

Our Nursery children also enjoy participating in excursions to the Botanic Gardens and taking part in yoga and Mandarin lessons.

0-2 yrs

Children form trusting relationships with our Educators, and enjoy age-appropriate activities, in our warm and engaging Nursery classroom.

Your child’s imagination is soaring between the age of two and three. Our Toddler children enjoy beginning their day with child-led outdoor play, as they explore their natural environment and develop a sense of wonder and curiosity.

As we move into our indoor classroom environment, children enjoy activities that develop their fine motor skills and allow them to use their imagination and play ‘make believe’, as they mimic simple situations and practice skills they have encountered in their world.  Story time is a favourite among our Toddlers, as they begin develop their listening skills.

Children begin to develop a sense of independence in our Toddler Room. Our Educators provide experiences that encourage this independence, allowing children to develop important self-help skills.

Our Toddler children’s social skills are also developing at this time and they begin to form friendships with other children. Regular Group Times and working on group interest-based projects, allows them to feel a sense of belonging and community.

Our Toddler children also enjoy our excursions and extracurricular activities. Visits to the Botanic Gardens provides them with new experiences and environments to explore; while yoga and fitness lessons allow them to develop their balance, coordination, and gross motor skills.


Children’s imagination and independence begins to develop, as they start to explore and make sense of their world.

The day is more structured in the Preschool Room, as this gives the children the opportunity to experience consistency in their daily routine. Focus is given to teaching fundamental skills needed for a successful transition to the Kindergarten Classroom. These skills include literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills.

Children are also encouraged to express their individuality through their natural learning style, and enjoy extending on their interests as they learn through play. Group work promotes a sense of belonging, encouraging children to develop teamwork skills and engage with their peers.

Daily excursions and extracurricular activities enhance classroom learning. Our weekly scheduled activities allow the children to venture out in the community, as they visit the State Library and explore the Botanic Gardens. Children also enjoy keeping fit with Forever Fit Kids, learning balance and mindfulness through yoga lessons, and taking part in our Mandarin and cooking lessons.

Our Preschool Program is taught by a Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher who holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood. Our aim is to ensure that by the time each child completes their Preschool year, they are well prepared with the skills and learning needed for a successful transition into a formalised school setting.

Our Transition to School Program

Our comprehensive Transition to School Program is delivered by our Preschool Teacher. Our Preschool Teacher will coordinate several visits to local schools as part of our Transition to School Program.

A formal discussion towards the end of the Preschool year is scheduled to share information with parents and teachers and support each child’s transition to school. This discussion provides an opportunity for parents and Educators to collaboratively create a summary of each child’s learning in the form of a transition statement.

3-5 Years

Our Preschool Program is designed to equip children with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful transition to a formal schooling environment.

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