Future focused

At Chifley Early Learning Centre, we understand the importance of teaching children how to protect their environment. Sustainable practices are incorporated into our curriculum, empowering children with the knowledge and responsibility to care for themselves, those around them, and the Earth.

Sustainability and our Curriculum

We are honoured to have an important role in assisting children to learn to protect and cherish our natural world. Our curriculum teaches sustainable practices and encourages children to develop an appreciation and love for the natural environment. Children learn by example, and our Educators actively promote sustainable practices and taking care of the beautiful world we live in.

Sustainable design

Our commitment to sustainability has laid the foundations for the eco-conscious design of our state-of-the-art childcare centre. Our centre features high-quality sustainable materials throughout. Our focus on beautiful indoor gardens and natural materials creates a magical haven where children are inspired and delight in their surrounds. Our innovative play spaces are inviting and encourage children to explore and investigate their natural world. These play spaces include areas for active play to ignite children’s curiosity and imagination, and areas for quiet play where children feel calm and relaxed.

Embracing technology

As a future-orientated childcare centre, with a focus on providing high-quality education, we embrace and integrate technology into our curriculum and in our parent interactions.

Learning in the classroom

Our Early Years Math, Literacy, and Science Programs are delivered through interactive whiteboards and classroom iPads to expand, enrich, extend, and differentiate the curriculum.


We have partnered with EDUCA, an online program which showcases the individual child’s learning portfolio. Parents have access to their child’s profile online, meaning they can conveniently follow their child’s learning journey and collaboratively provide input into their learning and development.

Parent kiosks

Digital kiosks are located at the entrance of our facility, making the process of signing your children in and out of our childcare centre quick and easy.

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